Kantadaij’s passion for jewellery began at the highly acclaimed University of the Arts London, where he mastered the traditional and modern techniques of the art of craftsmanship.

His fascination with precious metals and the process of manipulation quickly became an obsession, one that allowed him to take the influences of his surroundings to develop a unique urban style.

The meaning that lies behind the branding KASEROX is a combination of three elements. The first letter of his name “Kantadaij”, his month of birth symbolised by the flower of September “Aster”, and the “OX” representing his Chinese birth year.

KASEROX jewellery embodies Kantadaij’s design philosophy expressed through minimalist forms with a bold yet subtle edge. His interpretation of beauty and value is clearly defined by the shape, function and quality of materials used.

This unconventional approach draws an avant-garde narrative behind each piece, pushing the boundaries of modern fashion and design.